SpectroCalc is a project of mine that I have been developing since 2017. It is a free Android app designed by physicist for physicists, to make our lives easier :)

SpectroCalc is a tool that seamlessly converts between different units in spectroscopy. Whether you're analyzing a spectrum and need to know the equivalent wavelength in energy (eV), or if you're in a lecture and the presenter is using wavenumbers (1/cm) but you prefer to think in nanometers, SpectroCalc has got you covered.

With SpectroCalc, you can effortlessly convert between nanometers (nm), energy (eV), wavenumbers (1/cm), and frequency (Hz) in just one click. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose whether to use constants in the air or a vacuum, ensuring accuracy in your calculations every time. Additionally, SpectroCalc offers the unique functionality of calculating the difference between two values in different units - no more problems with the estimation of the FWHM or the distance between two peaks.

It is available in the Google Play HERE.