Ladies and Gentleman, 

I am thrilled to announce that since the 1st of February, I have been a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Technical University of Denmark! The project that stole my heart is QPIC1550, which is focused on integrating quantum light sources like single-photon emitters and detectors with photonic integrated circuits (PICs). This integration is crucial for the next wave of quantum technologies, allowing precise control and manipulation of quantum light states at an unprecedented scale. By merging these components into a single chip, we create more compact, robust, and high-performance quantum systems.

QPIC1550 tackles key challenges in quantum photonics, including efficient light coupling between different components and minimizing signal processing losses. We leverage Silicon Nitride (SiN) for ultra-low loss pathways and Indium Phosphide (InP) for active devices, ensuring compatibility with existing optical networks while enhancing quantum circuit performance.

The goal is to pioneer a new class of quantum photonic integrated circuits, enabling advanced applications in telecommunications, healthcare, finance, and defense. QPIC1550 accelerates the adoption of quantum technologies by enhancing performance, scalability, manufacturability, and functionality, making them accessible for widespread use in communication, computing, and sensing.

Working on this project, I am exploring the secrets of MOVPE, which is a new kind of epitaxy added to my portfolio as a grower. Since I am responsible for the full fabrication process of the quantum light sources, I am gaining a lot of experience in the best cleanroom I have ever seen. In case you are not lucky enough to visit the Nanolab in person, you can go there for a virtual trip.

The amazing crew of DTU Nanolab is running a YouTube channel with an enormous amount of information about fabrication, I highly recommend checking it out.

Here is a snapshot of a cheerful scientist with her pink bike outside the DTU Electro building, where her office is situated. Since makeup isn't allowed in the cleanroom, every day is a no-makeup day. However, I'm thoroughly enjoying my new job and my time in Denmark. I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and fully committed to achieving exceptional results. Nature, here I come!